New sewerage system Man cleaning a sewer throug a man hole

Thorough jetting service that'll solve the toughest blockages

Standing water due to backed up pipes can create quite a messy predicament. When standing water is making your sink less than functional, be sure to call the professionals of Plumbing & Heating of Willmar Inc.

Grease, sludge, waste, and other debris can cause tough blockage in your pipes. Cabling can push through these blockages, but it does not clean your pipes. Drain jetting will make your pipes like new.

Heavy duty augering

We have heavy duty augering tools to help clean out your sewer drain. The auger or "sewer snake" can cut through tough clogs and can reach up to 100 feet.


Our team is experienced at using in-line cameras to give a visual of the blockage, so we can best address how to alleviate your piping of its blockage.

Accurate sewer line location

Save yourself from the hassle of digging up your entire yard when your sewer line needs work. In most circumstances, it is difficult to locate the exact location of your sewer line.


We have the most innovative technology in the industry that can quickly and accurately locates lines without having to tear up driveways, sidewalks, or landscaping.



Keep your pipes clear of back water